Wotton Blues Festival

Wotton Blues Festival

Thank you from Wotton Blues Festival

Thank you from Wotton Blues Festival – A big thank you to all our bands who let us use their videos, and, of course, thank you to everybody who watched – we hope you enjoyed it.


A special thank you goes out to Ash Wilson, Stuart Earl and Texas Tick Fever who created exclusive content for us, and to Sons of the Delta, Born Healer, Ged Wilson, The Uncles, Bay Rum Hounds, Kevin Brown, Texas Tick Fever, Grahame Newman and Tim Hughes, Pete Wintle, the Steve Browning Band, and last, but not least, The Achievers. Thank you all for your support.


If you missed the online Festival, or haven’t yet watched it, the playlists are available on our YouTube channel ‘Wotton Blues Festival’. Watch on your phone or tablet, via the YouTube app or desktop browser – with the sound turned up! If you have a smart TV, you can view direct from the TV’s YouTube app, or cast from your phone or tablet via WiFi for the big screen experience.

The playlists are also available here to watch on this website.

We’re planning to be back next year with a live Festival on the traditional third weekend in September – 17, 18 and 19 September 2021 – something to look forward to.

In the meantime, we continue to run our Facebook and Twitter pages featuring all that’s best in the blues world.

Thanks, take care, and keep safe.