Wotton Blues Festival

Wotton Blues Festival

The Worried Men

Jamie Thyer and The Worried Men

Jamie Thyer and The Worried Men have played over 5,000 gigs and have been given the nod of approval by, and shared the bill with, many established and influential artistes like Peter Green, Robert Cray, Jefferson Airplane, Johnny Winter and many more. They’ve toured the UK and Europe non-stop and performed at countless festivals and we can now welcome them to Wotton!

In the winter months of 1994, guitarist Jamie Thyer took time out from playing on demonstrations for Marshall amplification and Rotosound strings. He began writing and rehearsing with a rhythm section under the ironic name of The Worried Men. Initially, they considered that the originality of their style and direction would place them on the outer peripheries of fashion motivated rock music, yet, because of their ability to entertain and not merely play, enthusiastic audiences, promoters and even record companies swiftly disproved this.

Long regarded as one of the South West’s very best guitarists, Jamie Thyer, together with his band, bring exciting, direct music, performed by people who have devoted their lives to perfecting their craft and cementing their reputation the old-fashioned way – by entertaining their audience!

See The Worried Men at The Star Inn
Sunday 22 September – 1:45pm

Web site: www.theworriedmen.com