Wotton Blues Festival

Wotton Blues Festival

Wotton Blues Festival Online

WOTTON BLUES FESTIVAL ONLINE – 18•19•SEPTEMBER – Join us on our YouTube channel on Friday and Saturday for music from our Festival bands, exclusive videos from Ash Wilson, Stuart Earl and Texas Tick Fever, plus our favourite tracks.

FRIDAY NIGHT SESSION – from 9pm to 11pm

Featuring our Friday night band, Sons of the Delta, plus a selection of our favourite tracks.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON – from 1pm to 6pm

We start with Born Healer at 1pm, then at 1.45pm Ged Wilson, The Uncles at 2.30pm, Bay Rum Hounds at 3.15pm, Kevin Brown at 4pm, Texas Tick Fever – including exclusive videos – at 4.45pm, and Buskers at 5.30pm. All bands are interspersed with some of our favourite tracks.

Ash Wilson

Stuart Earl

SATURDAY NIGHT – from 7pm to 11pm

Starting at 7pm with an exclusive video from Ash Wilson, followed by videos featuring Ash on guitar. Next at 7.35pm are tracks from Steve Browning Band. Then at 8pm, we have an exclusive Songbook Session from Stuart Earl, a couple more Stuart Earl videos, then favourite tracks until 9pm when The Achievers join us, and we finish with some superb favourite tracks.


The playlists can be found on our YouTube channel ‘Wotton Blues Festival’ and will be available from the times stated above. Watch on your phone or tablet, via the YouTube app or desktop browser – with the sound turned up! If you have a smart TV, you can view direct from the TV’s YouTube app, or cast from your phone or tablet via WiFi for the big screen experience.

All timings are approximate as, unless you have a YouTube subscription, you will be shown some ads – sorry, but this allows us to keep everything free.